About Us.

Feel assured when making your next strategic talent decision.

We are Business Psychologists and Executive Coaches with decades of experience in the management consulting industry, our expertise spans from working with large corporate banks, to iconic retailers, hotels, and construction companies. In our experience, we have directly and vicariously lived through the impact of great leaders and managers (and the absence of them too!). We’ve seen the effects it’s had on team members and the workplace culture that it embodies.

We know that when people are in roles that leverage their strengths and are offered development opportunities in line with their interests and aspirations then employee morale and organisational culture booms. Team members are likely to feel productive, aligned and empowered, and in return they drive their organisations to success. This is important now more than ever. While leaders make an effort to steer key talent initiatives internally, out of their control is the striking amounts of change taking place externally. In a complex and fast-moving environment, making confident and timely talent decisions is central to every organisation’s success. When this is made achievable, organisations are likely to build resilience collaboratively, thrive off volatility and competitively create new opportunities.

At Assured Talent Consulting, our mission is to apply our expertise in defining and analysing the behaviours that drive success, in combination with a depth of knowledge on the latest business psychology research to take a best practice approach in; shaping leadership brilliance, creating managerial confidence, and championing customer centricity in front-line employees. Our work equips leaders with the insight they need feel assured when making critical talent decisions.

Uzma Beg Hayat


Founder & Lead Business Psychologist Consultant